Industries We Serve


Through our highly skilled franchise crews, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota 提供可靠的,定制的mg老虎机游戏大厅和清洁服务在我们的每一个设施 serve.


We Proudly Serve the Following Industries

commercial office cleaning mn

Professional Offices

从四人的专业办公室到数百名员工的企业办公综合体, 我们的特许清洁团队拥有您所需要的办公室清洁服务技能和经验.

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classroom commercial cleaning mn

Private and Charter Schools

你是否为学校的清洁和清洁工作付出太多? 我们有一些想法,可以帮助你扩大预算,同时提高效率和效果.

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Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning MN


一个强大的经济依赖于重要的制造业设施来高效运转. 我们的存在是为了帮助像贵公司这样的工厂提供一个生产环境,从而提高工作效率, raise company morale and keep your employees healthy.

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cities and municipalities

Cities and Municipalities

mg老虎机游戏大厅为每个城市提供定制的范围. We consider all the specific requirements, events, locations, building types (police, fire and safety, public works), policies, and regulations each city or municipality has.

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commercial office cleaning mn

Transportation & Logistics

仓储、物流和分销部门是市场的命脉. In order to sustain everyday needs, 您需要一个服务提供者,它将始终提供一个干净、健康的工作区.

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church commercial cleaning mn

Churches, Temples and Mosques

我们的教会清洁服务确保您的敬拜空间-教会, temple or mosque – is always clean and welcoming.

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Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning MN

Multi-tenant Facilities

As a facilities manager, 你需要一家反应灵敏的清洁公司,有一个定义明确的安全程序, 广泛的安全政策和快速响应紧急程序,使您的设施恢复和快速运行.

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Dental Office Cleaning Company MN

Dental Offices

您目前的清洁服务是否符合您的牙科诊所和诊所的标准和期望? mg老虎机游戏大厅的明尼苏达州可以匹配您的经验, 灵活的mg老虎机游戏大厅人员,了解一个牙科诊所的独特需求, oral surgery center, or orthodontist.

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At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, 我们提供你不必管理的mg老虎机游戏大厅服务,因为你有更好的事情要做. Here’s how we can help:

  • Suggest ways to maximize cleaning options within your facility
  • Provide a customized contract cleaning scope, 1-7 days a week
  • 如有需要,定期对洗手间和其他区域进行深度清洁
  • Reduce the time you spend managing a service you’re paying for
  • Manage restroom and break room supply inventory

Our Commitment

At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Minnesota, we know you want to focus on your customers and your business. 这就是为什么你需要一个经验丰富的清洁团队,提供惊人的服务,而不占用你宝贵的时间. 问题是,太多的mg老虎机游戏大厅剂提供不一致的、糟糕的结果. 糟糕的结果会导致抱怨——而抱怨又会浪费你的时间. If you’re unsure what level of service you’ll get from day to day, and lose too much time managing the process, that’s an unfair situation. You deserve more for your investment.

先锋清洁特许经销商提供mg老虎机游戏大厅,你不必管理, because we understand you have better things to do. 这就是为什么我们赋予每一个在我们行动的每一个层次的人去做正确的事情——即使是在困难的时候. 


Ready for results that drive business forward?

Here’s what to do:

Schedule a discovery call 

We’ll deliver a custom proposal that meets your specific needs 

Get back to focusing on your business 

是时候停止这种不一致和糟糕结果的恶性循环了. 今天安排一个发现电话,我们会证明有更好的办法.

Delivering a Cleaner, Healthier Environment for Your Business 

See how Vanguard of Minnesota’s cleaning franchisees keep your facility safe and disinfected. 

Our Customers Know the Long Term Quality Vanguard Delivers


Ready for Change?

Let’s do this.

Take control of your facility. 改变到mg老虎机游戏大厅的明尼苏达州和获得内心的平静,你的建筑是一个干净的, welcoming place for customers and employees. 

Step 1

Schedule a Discovery Call

Let’s talk about your facility’s requirements. 我们会倾听你的需求,并制定出一个超出你期望的计划. 

Step 2

Review Your Proposal

We’ll outline everything you need in a custom proposal. No long or complex contracts to sign, 只是一个简单的协议,让你得到你应得的服务. 

Step 3

Enjoy Dazzling Results

知道你的设施经过适当的清洁和消毒,你会睡得更好. 我们总是履行我们的协议,这样你就可以专注于推动业务向前发展.